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Big-Bag Loading Plants

Big-Bag Loading Plants

  • There is a hanger construction to make the Big-Bag connection. Due to the user-friendly connection hangers, the Big-Bag is hang easily and in a very short time.
  • The product to be taken into Big-Bag is transferred to the weighing and filling part in a regular way without being affected by high pressure and vacuum that may occur during loading, by means of special production “Air Lock Rotary Feeder” with Tungsten Carbide coated inside.
  • The system is equipped with necessary accessories for the evacuation of excess air.
  • Height adjustment is carried out with heavy-duty pistons.
  • When the loading is finished, the system automatically cuts it off and the Big-Bag that has been filled is taken by forklift to the desired area. The next loading cycle is started.
  • With the automation of the system, all units are operated in a harmony and effective loading and weighing is achieved.
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