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Drawer in Housing Metal Separators

Drawer in Housing Metal Separators

It improves the quality by increasing the product purity and protects your machinery and equipment from foreign metals.

DIMS Series Drawer in Housing Metal Separators are designed to be used in many different industries such as Ceramics, Glass, Food, and Fertilizer. We have drawer types which can be cleaned completely automatically with Pneumatic Pistons and also manual types that can be cleaned by pulling them manually.

Due to the way the grids are arranged inside our units, which can be installed at any transfer point on your product flow line, all products must pass through the magnet bars. Bars made with very strong magnets captures even the smallest powdered ferro metals.


  • Standard units designed according to the needs
  • Designs for special applications
  • The whole body is made of 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.
  • Dust tightness is fully ensured.
  • Magnetic bars are produced with different types of magnets such as Ceramic Grade 8A, NdFeBo, Alnico according to the application.
  • Optionally, it is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning system.


  • DIMS Series Drawer in Housing Metal Separators are designed to ensure that everyone can clean easily, so that the captured metals can be removed and discharged of as often as required and as quickly as possible.
  • In the manual system, to perform cleaning, the worker pulls out the magnetic drawer by holding it by two handles in front of the body. At this moment of traction, each magnetic rod passes through a separate seal, and the collected metals are separated from the rods.
  • In the Automatic Cleaning System, two powerful pneumatic pistons added to the same construction perform the task performed by the worker. In this application, it cleans at desired time intervals with solenoid valves and an electronic control panel containing an adjustable time circuit.

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