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Impact Plate Flowmeter

Impact Plate Flowmeter

YUNEL proudly presents its new Impact Plate Loading and Flow Control Systems to its customers!

The system is impact plate devices that measure the flow rate of powdered or granulated solid materials in a free flow state at the time of loading.

  • Impact Plate Loading and Flow Control Systems, which are easy to install, are especially used to load the amount of material that has already been determined, on trucks, silo trucks, wagons and ships. Especially in trucks and silo trucks, because the material is loaded at the tonnage defined, the cycle time to the ground scale that occur in case of incomplete or excessive loading is decreased.
  • It is possible to continuously supply products to auxiliary facilities. (Such as controlled feed of raw materials to furnaces)
  • It is possible to install to helical conveyors, conveyor belts, feeding reservoirs, silo outlets, chutes and pipe outlets.

Working Principle: Solid materials pass through a pipe and hit to impact plate which is attached to floating type load cells in the hopper, and the physical force generated by this impact is transferred to the system as electronic data.

Thanks to the impact plate design, material accumulation is minimized. In case of product accumulation on the plate the reading accuracy will not be affected because the system will self-calibrate.

It has a measuring range from 1 to 250 tons/hour. The inlet diameter starts from 150 mm. This size can be up to 450 mm for high capacities.

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