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Suspended Type, Manual or Automatic Conveyor Belt Metal Separators

Suspended Type, Manual or Automatic Conveyor Belt Metal Separators

Continuous magnetic metal separators with high magnetic force and reliability for the capture of ferrous metals in various products transported by conveyor belt systems

General Characteristics

  • It has a powerful magnetic circuit designed to reach the metals buried under materials and capture and extract them.
  • It has an extra-large magnetic field for an extended magnetic sweep field.
  • It has an equal or even greater magnetic force than an electromagnet of the same size.
  • The magnetic field is not at a single point, it is distributed uniformly and evenly throughout the width of the belt.
  • Loses less than 5% of its strength in 1000 years. In other words, separators made of permanent magnets (natural magnets) have an eternal life.
  • Magnetic systems can be designed as Cross-Belt and In-Line.
  • Because the system has stainless-steel body and modular side frames it is also very easy to disassemble.
  • It is manufactured in the form of welded construction in accordance with the industrial standards.
  • There are 4 paper hanging pads for easy installation.


  • Magnetic metal separators protect your factory, equipment and machines from damage that can be caused by ferrous metals.
  • Magnetic metal separators improve product quality.
  • Thanks to our new type of magnetic metal separators, it is possible to perform ferrous metal collection applications that the inappropriately designed, low-strength magnetic metal separators cannot perform.
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