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Scrap Separation and Recycling Systems

Scrap Separation and Recycling Systems

  • Due to its superior magnetic circuit design, it is able to capture and take on all kinds of ferro (iron) core metal and throw the mass scrap iron on the back side with its profile wings.
  • Different diameters and lengths are produced.
  • Depending on the loading, it can make separation up to 250 t/h and more capacities.
  • The electric motor, gear box group and the drive mechanism are designed and manufactured in a structure that can work in difficult conditions.
  • Wear-resistant drum body protects circuits from impacts.
  • Provides automatic and continuous magnetic separation.
  • An effective separation is achieved with a multi-stage screening system.
  • High performance is achieved by performing different engineering and vibration calculations according to each application type.
  • Large and abrasive products can also be screened due to wear-resistant base plate.
  • The most efficient screening is carried out with perforated sieve sheets selected in different sizes and shapes according to the customer’s application.

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