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Heke Type Vehicles

Heke Type Vehicles

  • Due to its powerful electric motor, it is in a structure to perform all functions except moving, with its own power. In this series Vacuum Systems there are power options from 10 HP to 75 HP in Standard Applications.
  • Towable trailer type Industrial Vacuum cleaning vehicle with an electric motor, a collecting bunker unit with filters for dry material and a vacuum unit providing the vacuum, a separate compressor for the filter group, electronic main control panel and other pneumatic controls and the necessary accessories for the system, has a structure that can be unloaded with a screw conveyor. If desired, the screw conveyor can take the collected material to another conveyor belt or into a Big Bag.
  • The general steel load-bearing construction and discharge system of the bunker is capable of performing its duty without any problems when the bunker sections are full with all kinds of solid materials that can pass through the suction hose.
  • The useful storage volume of the collection hopper is 880 litres.
  • It can also suck materials with bulk density varying between 800-1700 kg/m³ from a distance of 30 meters. It has a flow rate of 1350 m³/h.
  • It is in a structure that can work continuously during the entire working period.
  • By means of its modular structure, it will have the feature of being mobile connected to the existing electrical panels in the factory with the socket at the end of the connection cable. The socket is three-phase industrial type.
  • The protection class of all electrical and electronic devices belonging to our system is IP 54. However, different special productions can be made according to customer demands.
  • The system control panel is on the vacuum system and can easily access all controls, including the electric motor.

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