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The Blaster System

The Blaster System

Super Shock Air Blasters solve adhesion and blockage problems in places such as silos, bunkers where you store the material, or in shipping areas such as transfer chamber, cyclone, smash, regardless of the material size, content, humidity condition.

With the new mechanical piston technology developed, bunker, silo, cyclone, transfer chamber, smash are working successfully in every cold-hot environment.

  • Your loss of production, energy and labor is eliminated,
  • Prevents unnecessary wear of your working machines and equipment,
  • Your work schedule runs smoothly, you fulfill your obligations on time,
  • The money paid for the detonator system returns in a very short time, flawless service continues for many years.

Years of service with minimal maintenance and spare parts needs

  • It works completely automatically, it is set to the desired period with an electronic control system.
  • Low pressures are sufficient for operation (6-8kg/cm2) It has a special pneumatic system.
  • Air demand is very low.
  • It is a 100% definitive and final solution.
  • It does not vibrate and is mounted on concrete, steel, silos, bunkers and tanks of all kinds.
  • The piston, which is part of a single movement, has also been developed and turned into a mechanical piston that can serve for many years with minimal maintenance.
  • The first quality service is offered to you from the largest manufacturer in Turkey.

Thousands of applications and the technology with the largest reference in 34 years

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