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Drum Type Metal Separators with Chambers

Drum Type Metal Separators with Chambers

It separates your free-flowing powder, granule and part materials according to its magnetic property and allows you to get a better-quality product.

  • Automatically cleans itself.
  • Continuous ferro metal extraction.
  • It has a stainless-steel hopper and drum body.
  • The retained ferro-metals are ejected with adjustable flaps, they certainly do not interfere with the product again, the product only goes in its direction with its special seal.
  • It is used in all industries dealing with conceivable solid materials such as Ceramics, Chipboard, MDF, Coal, Soil, Cement, Fertilizer, Food.
  • It has a unique Magnetic circuit design created with the most powerful Permanent Magnet according to the need and place of application.
  • It performs capture and extraction in an area of over 1800 around the drum.
  • We have a suitable size production for every need.
  • The capture zone can be manually adjusted according to the spill.
  • Although the chamber has inlet and outlet flanges as standard, special chamber design is also made according to the application location.
  • There are inlet covers for maintenance and removing the drum.
  • The engine and drive system are of the best quality and capacity to work continuously for 24 hours.
  • All bearings and the system are completely sealed.
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