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Plate Type Metal Separators

Plate Type Metal Separators

One of the biggest features of Plate Magnetic Separators, which have a very wide range of applications, is the design of their magnetic circuits in accordance with the requirements of each application location.

If you are going to hang the plate magnetic separators on the conveyor belt and use them as a suspended magnet, the magnetic circuit design is made by taking into account the height of the goods on the conveyor belt, the specific gravity of the pile, the size of the part, the speed of the belt, the width and more than ten other parameters at the place of the hanger. Therefore, plate magnetic separators that carry all the magnetic power characteristics of YUNEL ELECTROMECHANICAL LANDMARK ® SERIES separators have a great user satisfaction.

In the areas of use of plate magnetic separators, there are not only conveyor belts, but also pipes, flow chutes, chimneys with different designs. Again, due to the same requirements, Strontium Ferrite, NdFeB or AlNiCo permanent magnets are used as natural magnets in plate magnetic separators. Our experienced engineers design what kind of magnetic circuit will be installed in all kinds of applications and its production is carried out in our Akyurt Production Facilities.

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